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Golf Clubs & Equipment Trade-in

Ditch those old clubs and upgrade your golf game with Golf Star Direct’s cutting-edge equipment.

Our team of trade-in experts will not only provide you with the best market valuation but also sweeten the deal with a generous 20% trade-in bonus. That means, regardless of the market value, you’ll receive an extra 20% to put towards your next purchase at

Even if you’re not hoarding extra clubs, your current equipment likely has a higher trade-in value than you think. Whether you’re ready for an upgrade or simply itching to experience the latest golf gear, there’s no better time than now to explore our trade-in service.

How To Trade in Your Golf Clubs

1 – Get in touch with our trade-in experts at 01675 489 918 or drop us a message through the Enquiry Form to receive a personalised quote and valuation for your clubs. We recommend taking time to review our Condition Guides, as our trade-in team will rely on them to help you accurately assess the condition of your clubs and determine an accurate valuation.

2 – Once your trade-in request is approved, our team will provide a trade-in quote. This quote will include your personal information and the specifics of the clubs you’re trading in, including their condition, the agreed valuation, and any additional bonus value. You’ll receive this trade-in quote via email, giving you the opportunity to review and confirm it before our team organises a FREE return process.

3 – When we receive your returned clubs, our trade-in team will inspect their condition in accordance with the previously agreed valuation and then proceed with the trade-in process.

4 – Once your quote has been validated, our team will reach out to you to confirm the acceptance of your returned clubs and guide you through the process of placing your new order using the trade-in credit.

Your Clubs Condition

Please read this carefully for a better understanding of our grading.

  • This golf club has never been used to strike a golf ball.
  • It may or may not come in its original packaging, and the shafts and grips may still bear their original stickers or wrapping.

  • Displays minimal signs of use, with only very faint marks.
  • It has seen limited play, typically just a few rounds.
  • The shafts and grips also show indications of light use, generally only a few rounds at most.

  • Shows signs of use, but no damage is present.
  • Minimal to no marks on the topline (woods) and face.
  • Minor cosmetic marks may be present on the head/crown (woods).
  • Usual play-related marks on the face and sole, but it has been well maintained with no chips or dents.
  • Steel shafts may exhibit minor markings and slight cosmetic wear, with no signs of rust spots.
  • Graphite shafts might display light scratching and wear on graphics, but there is no evidence of bag rub.
  • Grips are in good condition with no visible wear marks.

  • Remains in decent condition but exhibits some cosmetic wear.
  • You may notice marks on the topline and head/crown (woods), such as faint sky marks.
  • Irons will display wear on the faces/grooves and heads, including minor stone chips.
  • Putters might have minor marks on the face/head, including minor chips on the sole, along with general wear and tear from regular use.
  • The shafts are in satisfactory condition but show signs of cosmetic wear.
  • Steel shafts may have a few small marks or rust spots, while graphite shafts may display some light bag wear.
  • Grips are still usable but may show wear marks and a slight loss of tackiness.

  • Still functional but exhibits substantial wear and marks.
  • You’ll find noticeable heavy marks on the topline and head/crown (woods), akin to deep sky marks.
  • The faces/grooves show significant wear, including larger stone chips or dents on the head.
  • The shafts are in a playable condition but show clear signs of wear and tear.
  • Steel shafts exhibit heavy rust spots or pitting corrosion, while graphite shafts bear substantial bag wear.
  • Grips show depression marks or some splits, indicating a need for replacement in the near future.

  • Unusable due to extensive wear and damage.
  • The head may display damage marks, cracks, or rattling.
  • Faces exhibit severe wear, including large stone chips or dents.
  • Missing brand badges, weights, or ferrules are also unacceptable.
  • Shafts show excessive signs of wear and tear, with steel shafts featuring significant rust spots or pitting corrosion.
It’s crucial for all shafts in a set to match in type and flex, and sets must be complete with no missing clubs (e.g., 7 iron, pitching wedge). Grips in an extremely poor condition will have a negative impact on the valuation.

Our FAQ's

Everything you need to know about our Golf club trade-in service.

Our team of trade-in specialists is extensively trained to deliver precise market rate valuations. They are well-equipped to guide you in accurately assessing the condition of your clubs, following our Condition Guides. Before seeking a quote and valuation for your clubs, kindly ensure that their condition does not fall under the 'Unacceptable' category.

In order to secure a precise valuation for your clubs, our team will need comprehensive details regarding their condition and the full specifications, which include: manufacturer, model, dexterity, loft, set configuration, shaft type, grip type, and the presence of a head-cover. Additionally, any custom fit options, such as length, lie angle, and grip thickness, should be provided for a more accurate assessment.

While we do provide valuations for a wide range of golf clubs, it's important to note that not all equipment may qualify for a trade-in. Some brands, features, or conditions may not meet our criteria for acceptance, and our team will be available to inform you if any of your clubs fall into this category.

The entire process, from the moment you accept the valuation, may take up to 7 working days. This duration encompasses the time required to organise the free return of your clubs, conduct a condition verification, and process your new order using the trade-in credit.

Should your golf clubs not meet the condition grade as stated in the trade-in quote, we will inform you of a revised valuation for your approval. If the revised valuation is not satisfactory, a return shipping fee of £4.99 will be applied to send your clubs back to you.

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Trade-In team.

Trade-in Enquiries

When submitting a request, please note our team are available to respond Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5:30pm.

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    T's & C's

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. The trade-in service is exclusively available to residents of the UK due to the complexities of cross-border duties on used goods.
    2. This trade-in service is not accessible to trade or wholesale customers and is applicable only to consumers.
    3. A trade-in quote will be provided at the discretion of Golf Star Direct. Our decision regarding eligibility and valuation will be considered final.
    4. The validity of a quote extends for a period of 3 days, provided there is no alteration in the condition of the clubs during this time. After this period, a new valuation will be required.
    5. A quote is considered accurate at the time of valuation, and your clubs must be returned within 7 working days.
    6. Upon verification, the trade-in credit must be redeemed in a single transaction and holds no cash alternative value.
    7. If the received clubs are inaccurately graded, we will communicate a revised valuation for your approval.
    8. If the revised valuation is not acceptable, a return shipping cost of £4.99 will be applied to return your clubs.
    9. Prices displayed in our representative examples are based on valuations as of the initial advertising date (September 2023).
    10. We retain the right to modify these Terms & Conditions, including the potential withdrawal of the service, without prior notice or liability.